Automatic High Speed Fertilizer Powder Packing Machine for Big Bag

Automatic High Speed Fertilizer Powder Packing Machine for Big Bag

Coffee Powder Packing Machine Ah-Fjj SeriesAH-FJJ series powder materials auto packing machine adopts PLC control bolt t


Basic Info
Model NO. AH-FJJ100
Material Type Powder
Packaging Bags or Pouches
Packaging Material Plastic
Model Ah-Fjj100/Ah-Fjj300/Ah-Fjj500
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power 2200W
The Maximum Bag Size(L*W) 150*100mm/200*160mm/260*190mm
Packing Maximum Speed 2400bags/H, 1800bags/H, 1200bags/H
Package Measurement 5-100g /50-300g /100-500g
Filling Accuracy +-1.2%
Dimension 1000*800*1700mm/1100*1000*2100mm
Weight 320kgs/400kgs/450kgs
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification SGS, CE
Trademark Onfocus
Origin China
HS Code 8422400000
Production Capacity 20set/Month
Product Description
Coffee Powder Packing Machine Ah-Fjj SeriesAH-FJJ series powder materials auto packing machine adopts PLC control bolt to provide materials, photoelectricity tracking manufacturing sacks. The machine has a reasonable structure and the packing speed is fast. Non-rank adjusting speed, finish the whole procedure of manufacturing sacks, materials, sealing and printing automatically. It is suitable for the automatically packing of powder materials of food, especially for the coffee powder.Screw filling material metering, in measuring range, made up of several kinds of different specifications of the screw to complete different measurement range. Controlled by stepper motor and drive motor power supply, high repeat accuracy can be obtained.Packaging materials: Composite film packaging material.Characteristics of this machine:· Controlled by the computer, drove by the compressed air, uncomplicated operation, easy maintenance, stable function and reliable quality.· The packing speed has no rank to adjust.· Adopts exclusive control technology for the length of sacks, the length of sacks has no rank to adjust. The length of the manufacturing sacks is accurate and easy to adjust.· Intelligible temperature-control instrument, it can constantly control the hot-seal temperature, certify the quality of the seal.· No need to change the accessories, and it can arbitrarily achieve the making of the three-side seal, four-side seal, thin and flat sacks and pillow-like sacks.· Unique photoelectricity orientation technology, to assure complete picture of the manufacturing sacks with color marks.· In the rated scope, the packing amount has no rank to adjust.· Print the batch number of the products automatically, made the tearing opening easy for use.This machine is pleasing to the eye and elegant, all stainless steel structure, it conforms to the hygienic requirements of the food and medical packing, and suitable for the industries of food and chemical.Thank for your using AngRui series packing machine. Your satisfaction is our forever pursuing goal. We don't claim that we are the best, but we are trying to make us become the best. Before using the machine, please read this manuel carefully.Operation and adjustment1. The requirements of operating this machine: Put through the elec. Power and cleaned compressed air, put the shell of the machine safely to the ground, set up the total work pressure as 0.6 Mpa,And pour into lubrication positions and cylinder lubrication( we suggest that cylinder pour into pure whiteOil).2. Put the packing materials in the film scroll and fix the shelter (the printed-page outward or the compound page inward). Penetrate the packing materials according to picture of the film's locus.3. Press the electrical switch in the electricity operation board, the indicator light is turned on, then the machine begin in the state of awaiting an opportunity. Version indicator showed as follows:4. According to the packing materials pass the temperature controller of the board to set up trial sealing temperature.The temperature set up method of the temperature controller: Press key in the temperature controller to set up, made the PL window indicates words "50", SV window unit twinkle, then press keyor5. Examine the situation of the packing materials, to see whether the packing materials is in the obverse side of the finished-form machine, if not, then you need to adjust from left, right, above and below; Or adjust the axle position of the packing materials in the film scroll, made the two-wheel pull the packing materials easily.


Functionpowder packing powder packing powder packing
Packing Capacity(g)5-100g50-300g100-500g
Packing Speed2400 bags/hour1800 bags/min1200 bags/hour
Max Size of Bag(l)150mm200mm260mm
Size of Bag(w)120mm160mm190mm
Power2.2kw, 220v/50Hz2.5kw, 220v/50Hz2.8kw, 220v/50Hz

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