Apr 18, 2023

Trio of new launches from Ishida

25-Oct-2022 - Last updated on 25-Oct-2022 at 15:54 GMT

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The new CCW-AS range is the 11th​ generation model in its multihead weigher catalogue and is designed with more challenging products such as sticky items in mind, supported by a plethora of technological advances over previous models.

Each feeder channel contains an integrated optical feedback system that uses sensors to monitor product depth in real time, while an advanced vision monitoring system with multiple cameras can be positioned at the top of the weigher to monitor the product feed so that production efficiency can be maintained and further enhanced.

Ease of use was a key design feature of the CCW-AS range and across Ishida's latest product launches, with a new human interface system modelled after consumer touch screen devices.

Easy cleaning

Other improvements included a slanted weight drive unit cover and body frame, as well as an easy attachment system for the hoppers making it quick to remove them, to enhance cleaning efficiency.

Steve Jones, marketing director of Ishida Europe, said: "The launch of our first multihead weigher in December 1972 was undoubtedly a game changer for food packing, and in the years since then we have continually raised the bar in terms of the machines’ capabilities in areas such as speed, accuracy and the type of products they can handle.​

"The Ishida CCW-AS range is the next stage in this journey which builds on the unique customer benefits delivered by previous Ishida ranges with enhancements founded on Ishida's unmatched breadth of global customer and application experience."​

Ishida has also launched a new vertical form sill seal (VFFS) bagmaker, the Inspira Boxmotion.

This new machine boasts a 30% increase in speed compared to previous models, as well as using 17% less energy when in operation and 25% less energy on standby.

Box motion

The Inspira Boxmotion bagmaker can operate in both continuous and intermittent motion modes. This enables it to handle the widest variety of both product and pack formats, including the introduction of recyclable film and paper packs, while maintaining seal quality and integrity.

Box motion technology enables the sealing jaw motion to operate in both vertical and in/out horizontal planes. Switching between continuous and intermittent motion can be carried out through pre-settings on the machine with no change parts or operator intervention required.

Andrew Green, Snacks Business unit manager, Ishida Europe, said: "Our new INSPIRA Box Motion has been designed to allow manufacturers to continually adapt to the latest market trends while offering a new level of automation and efficiency. ​

"This minimises the chance of human error and helps to consistently produce quality bags while cutting costs and increasing profitability."​

X-ray systems

Finally, Ishida revealed the latest addition to its range of X-ray inspection systems with the launch of the IX-PD.

The system works with Ishida's Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Dual Energy technologies to produce an ultra-high resolution and clearer image than conventional X-ray systems.

This allows the Ishida IX-PD to offer enhanced detection for low-density items including bones in fish fillets and also minute foreign bodies such as stainless steel wires. In addition, the new model is capable of reliably detecting foreign bodies in applications where products are overlapping or standing up in a pack.

The Ishida IX-PD will be available in two sizes, 360mm and 450mm width, to allow flexibility of application detection from unpackaged meat products to boxed food applications where products are overlapped.

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