Jun 12, 2023

The 11 Best Travel Laundry Bags of 2023

These laundry bags keep your suitcase clean and organized even on long trips.

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Clothing has to stand up to so much on the road — wine spills, peak-ascending sweat, germ-ridden public spaces, and, for ultralight packers, repetitive wear. That's when having the perfect laundry bag tucked away in your suitcase becomes your closest ally.

To help you find the perfect one to stash, and even wash, your favorite garments, we researched the options across many designs, materials, and price points. Our top pick is the Eagle Creek Pack-it Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube for its antimicrobial treatment, adaptable compartment, and durable, ultra-light material. In addition to this do-it-all bag, our list includes everything from waterproof bags to hanging bags, too.

Eagle Creek

This versatile laundry cube isolates clean and dirty clothes while keeping water out and odor away.

The floating divider does mean that dirty and clean clothes are not totally separated.

The Pack-it Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube by Eagle Creek easily checks off our wish list for a travel laundry bag. From the antimicrobial treated material that actively fights odors building in your clothes to its ultra-lightweight and durable translucent ripstop polyester fabric so you can see what is packed where, this machine-washable bag is designed to help make packing — and the laundry itself — easier to handle.

Backed by Eagle Creek's lifetime warranty, this water-resistant 7.5-liter cube features grab handles for unpacking quickly and self-repairing zippers for the toughest travel days. Of course, the free-floating internal divider provides as much or as little space as you need to separate reusable worn clothes from the beyond-dirty. Thanks to its thoughtful design with utility and versatility in mind, travelers can keep reaching for the Pack-it Isolate cube year after year.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: Antimicrobial poly ripstop | 1.8 ounces | Zipper


This collapsible bag folds down to just 5 by 8 inches, making it an easy item to tuck away into your suitcase for later use.

The PVC mesh doesn't easily disintegrate, so the bag has a large environmental footprint.

Though this is not the greenest option, it is one of the lightest laundry bags available as the ultra-packable bag folds into an even tinier stow bag. Apart from slimming down the amount of space the laundry bag takes up, Mumi also recommends using the small storage bag to stash small additional items when the laundry bag is in use. The straightforward collapsible laundry bag also includes a folding hanger for your convenience. Another added benefit of this small-but-mighty laundry bag is that it is odor- and water-resistant. This highly functional laundry bag is undoubtedly best for those wishing to dedicate the least amount of suitcase space.

Price at time of publish: $24

The Details: PVC mesh | 1.58 ounces | Zipper


The inner mesh bag allows clothes to breathe while the outer layer locks in odors, moisture, and germs.

It's a bit small.

This double-layered bag is best known for sealing in odors, but it is perfect for those who want to avoid pulling every piece of clothing out of the bag. As a contact-free laundry bag, the inner mesh bag can fall from the inside allowing you to drop the clothes straight from the bag into the washing machine. Additionally, the entire pack can be washed and dried at high temperatures to kill germs and odor-causing bacteria.

Price at time of publish: $28

The Details: Mesh | 4.2 ounces | Zipper

Grove Co.

These bags are just the right size for zipping up your delicates so they are ready to toss in the washing machine straight out of your luggage.

The mesh bags are not meant to block odor, so be careful where you pack them.

Made by a Certified B Corporation, this set of bags for delicates is one of the most affordable and packable options. Designed for an easy transfer as you unpack, these mesh delicate bags will allow your laundry to breathe until it is time to hit the washing machine. The Grove Co. set is also dryer-safe and was created to help maintain the shape of your delicate laundry. Unlike some mesh laundry bags, this duo of medium and large zippered bags can go directly from the washing machine into the dryer to continue protecting your delicates throughout the entire cycle.

Price at time of publish: $15 for 2

The Details: Mesh | Zipper


The bag itself is machine washable and durable.

Because it's large, you may not want to stuff it full before repacking in your suitcase.

This laundry bag two-pack is made of thick nylon with ripstop stitching, so you can really stuff the bag with all of your dirty items. While it may become too thick for a carry-on or small checked bag, this is the perfect laundry bag for longterm stays or even camping trips. The simple drawstring closure allows you to fill the bag and bring to your hotel's laundry or stick in the back of your vehicle without the risk of losing any items along the way. Plus, the bag is so lightweight and compact on its own that you can pop it right into your luggage and fill as needed.

Price at time of publish: $12 for 2

The Details: Nylon | 0.44 pounds | Drawstring


Made with lightweight materials and breathable mesh, this cube bundle includes an array of sizes ranging from 2 to 10 liters.

Because the sides of these bags are mesh, odors can spread from dirty clothes to clean clothes.

Fashioned by employees with the creative agency to choose their own colorful patterns, the Cotopaxi travel cube bundle includes 2-, 3- and 10-liter repurposed nylon and mesh-sided bags. Though the nylon front and back of the bags are helpful in blocking odor transfer, the bags of dirty clothes should be separated from clean clothes in a backpack or suitcase to prevent odors from settling into the fibers of clean clothes. These bags are well-made for those looking to stave off mold and bacteria growth on dirty clothes. Because this set packs down so well when empty, you can easily take all of them along or just the bag you know you will need for your trip.

Price at time of publish: $45 for 3

The Details: Recycled nylon and mesh | 1 ounce per 2-liter capacity | Zipper

Helly Hansen

This affordable option will protect its contents from getting wet even in the worst of weather.

This bag is not designed to fold flat or compress, meaning it will need to fit into a suitcase at its existing size.

Made with water-resistant, TPU-treated polyester, this modular bag is designed to prevent any kind of leak from seeping in — or out. This Norwegian-designed bag was created with harsh weather in mind and can easily fit into any existing system of packing cubes. Its mesh pocket is handy for tucking underwear, buffs, tank tops, or any other small, light layer of clothing away. Otherwise, roll up your layers and neatly stack them in this small wash bag until you get home. The handle is perfect for hanging the bag on your doorknob until you are ready to tackle the latest adventure's laundry.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: Polyester, TPU | 7.05 ounces | Zipper


With a designated place for everything, this bag provides the ultimate organization and surprising opportunities for stashing laundry.

This carry-on bag is primarily designed to stash clean clothes and gear so there are no odor-blocking features.

While this bag is an easy carry-on choice for any traveler looking for specialized organization options, this highly compartmentalized duffel can also easily hold laundry in its hidden pockets. Though soiled clothes can certainly be stuffed into the primary compartment, dirty clothes can also be stored in the hanging garment section as well as the shoe pocket on the left side of the bag. Keep in mind that this 45-liter bag is made of nylon, so it should easily pack even your largest pieces of dirty clothing.

Price at time of publish: $60

The Details: Nylon | 2.53 pounds | Zipper


Patagonia uses environmentally friendly recycled materials and supports living wages with a Fair Trade supply chain.

This compartmentalized bag does not completely fold flat.

Made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester ripstop and a post-industrial recycled TPU-film laminate, this 12-liter bag is large enough to hold most of your dirty clothes within the primary compartment under the roll-top closure. There is, however, a secondary compartment that features a zipper closure. While the mesh compartments of the more traditional 10-liter Black Hole Cube are great, the higher level of compartmentalization in the Black Hole MLC Cube is appreciated for those who want to pack away a worn shirt that might need to be used again. Apart from its dual-compartment versatility, you can feel good about buying Patagonia's recycled materials. Not only are they reused, but the TPU-treated polyester ripstop is built to resist punctures, fraying, and anything else you might encounter.

Price at time of publish: $65

The Details: Recycled polyester ripstop | 6.9 ounces | Roll-top and zipper

Tripped Travel Gear

The different shapes and sizes can accommodate a variety of clothing such as sweaters, shoes, and stacks of T-shirts.

Not all clothes will fit into the cubes or can be compressed.

The Carry-on Set is great for those hoping to maximize the limited space inside a carry-on with a pack of seven tough bags. Made with ripstop polyurethane fabric and reinforced zippers, this compression set can multitask as a neat place to stash your dirty clothes — especially if those clothes include caked-on grime that needs to be contained beyond the included toggle-cord laundry bag. Polyurethane is designed to keep moisture out, which is great for your clean clothes and even better for keeping dirty clothes separated. While you won't likely have to worry about the bags themselves ripping thanks to the material, the compression zippers are also double-stitched to make them as strong as can be. Larger, bulkier clothing such as heavy winter coats or very chunky sweaters might not be well suited to be stashed away in these bags for laundry to be completed later. Instead, these bags are better suited to lighter layers that can easily fit into the cubes without over-filling them.

Price at time of publish: $60 for 7

The Details: Ripstop polyurethane fabric | 14.4 ounces | Zipper


The water-tight seal is perfect for containing soiled clothes while the flexible built-in washboard adds unparalleled utility.

You will need to pack laundry detergent to wash on the go.

While this laundry bag and portable washing machine might bring backpacking to mind, the ultra-light bag that packs down to a pocket-size square can be handy indoors, too. Designed with convenience and the environment in mind, Scrubba bags cut down on the amount of water needed to wash a few essential items at a time and without any electricity, either. The roll-top and buckle closure with an air valve ensure no dirty water sloshes out of the bag while you work the clothing against the washboard with full contact. The transparent window on the side of the bag also allows you to see any section of clothing that might need a bit of extra scrubbing. While the bag can simply serve to hold your dirty clothes apart from clean items until you get home, it is nice to know you could tackle a stain before it sets or reuse a soiled garment before you get home. To wash clothes using this laundry bag, you’ll need detergent; however, Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Liquidless Eco Sheets can be used for hand-washing clothing.

Price at time of publish: $55

The Details: Polyether, TPU | 5.3 ounces | Roll-top with buckle and air valve

Each type of material presents an advantage. Polyester and nylon are both lightweight synthetic fibers that are designed to endure wear and tear. Polyester will repel water while nylon will absorb water. Neither are breathable, but natural fibers such as cotton are. Pay attention to what material best suits your needs and style of travel.

Those who travel with delicate garments will likely want a breathable, protective bag that can fold or hang. Others who travel under intense weather conditions should look for a durable, waterproof option. Adventure enthusiasts will likely want a laundry bag that allows clothing to breathe and prevents bacterial growth between adrenaline-pumping activities. You'll also want a bag that has a secure closure that's easy to use and won't break even if you fully stuff the bag with dirty items.

After investing in an excellent travel laundry bag, the last thing you want is to buy another one due to a defect or a short return period. Check the company policies to ensure you can get a refund should you need to exchange the laundry bag for a different option that better suits you. It is always worth noting the warranty as well as learning about free replacements and the corresponding time frame of availability.

Travel laundry bags are about so much more than containing dirty clothes while on the go or having clothes ready for washing machine drop-off. While the idea of protecting your clean clothes from germs and grime worn clothes might have collected, a separate laundry bag can also help prevent suitcases from developing an odor. Of course, laundry bags also help bring a certain level of organization to the suitcase, making it easier to see what clothing you have left to work with.

There are two ways to wash a travel laundry bag, but the method depends on the material the laundry bag is made of. Some synthetic fibers can withstand the heat of a hot cycle in the washing machine. Others might have to be washed on a cool cycle.

Some travel laundry bags are made from materials that are too delicate for the washing machine altogether. In this case, use a gentle detergent and cool water to soak and wash the bag in the sink. A solution made with mild soap and cool water can also be used to spot-clean laundry bags as needed too.

Look for specific directions when buying a laundry bag. Don't forget to double-check its tag before washing it too.

Similar to the methods of washing travel laundry bags, not all can handle the heat of a dryer. Some bags are designed to be used in a dryer, but far more must air dry. Again, consider this when buying a laundry bag and remember to properly care for whichever one you choose.

Molly Harris is a travel writer and gear fiend. She has four years of experience testing travel gear, and adventure equipment and searching for the most functional, travel-friendly accessories available. For this article, she used research and her own experience to curate the perfect list of laundry bags for travelers.

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