Aug 15, 2023

Ask the experts: Borche

Who are you and what do you do?

The Borche range of machines extends from 90 ton through to 6800 ton, and the machines are marketed on a worldwide basis with approaching 50% of production volume are exported across the world. The Borche machines are designed to process every type of plastic material available on the market.

Why is Interplas important to you?

Interplas is a very important marketing platform for us, Interplas is of course the primary plastics exhibition for the UK and Ireland plastics processing market and it is very positive that the customers take the time to visit Interplas and the Borche stand to discuss both their immediate and future projects and investment plans, Borche UK has enjoyed considerable success at Interplas over the years in terms of both direct sales and lead creation with the most recent Interplas proved to be the most successful yet.

What innovations will you bring to Interplas?

Borche UK will be exhibiting two machines on the stand at Interplas 2023, one machine from the companies highly popular Bi range and also a BU500 ton machine from the larger two platen series of machines. Both machines employ the Borche engineered Servo Motor Drive system which fully integratesthe advantages of hydraulics with the control intelligence of Servo Drives.

The system comprises of a high resolution servo motor and controller in which drives a pump of exceptional volumetric efficiency which in turn operates in flow mode until the set limits are reached at which point the pressure mode then takes over, under flow mode the drive speed precisely follows the set levels for each phase on every cycle under closed loop conditions, with the pressure mode the drive speed is only sufficient to maintain the pressure levels set for each phase under closed loop conditions with the pressure transducer communicating with the KEBA controller. Whilst two platen design machines are of course not new the Borche BU two platen machines has particular design features on the locking system to improve functionality and reliability.

What are the key features of these machines?

The Borche servo drive system will ensure that the servo motor will only operate at a sufficient level to meet the set values of both speed and pressure and thus as power is a function of speed over pressure then no power is wasted during every cycle. Without power wastage the cooling requirement for the hydraulic system is reduced to a very nominal level and also with servo closed loop control of both flow and pressure the machine cycle to cycle repeatability and accuracy is ensured.

Who are you and what do you do? Why is Interplas important to you? What innovations will you bring to Interplas? What are the key features of these machines?