Aug 05, 2023

2023 BMW R nineT: Performance, Price, And Photos

As one of BMW's most popular motorcycles, the R nineT is a modern-day Roadster that offers a very customizable platform

BMW Motorrad carries its classic R nineT roadster over into the 2023 model year with some new colorways that include a limited-edition, 100th anniversary trim package. That's right, this model family has long been a staple for the Bayerische Motoren Werke for a full century now, so the R nineT's pedigree is as solid and genuine as they come. Minimal bodywork joins with top-shelf suspension goodies and a torquey, liter-plus, boxer-twin engine as part of the standard equipment package. It's also packing some ride-control and safety electronics to round out the package and likely match any similar contemporary models.

The last model update was in MY2019 when the factory added new colorways and a dynamic brake-light feature for extra safety in traffic. This bike comes with a number of model-specific items on the optional equipment list that let you make your own mark on your machine, plus it has a number of accessories that really polish the final product. Additionally, models bound for the U.S. market come set up with the Select Package goodies that add an electronic edge to the base model.

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The engine itself on the R nineT is an ancient design with its famous boxer-twin architecture. Each cylinder sports two camshafts and four valves for effective exhaust gas scavenging and fresh air-fuel charges. A single ram-scoop rides on the right side to pressurize the airbox for a boost to the volumetric efficiency, however slight.

Bore and stroke are 4 inches (101.6 mm) and 2.9 inches (73.66 mm) respectively for a 1,170 cc displacement and seriously spicy 12-to-1 compression ratio that'll demand nothing but the very best pusholine. The 2023 BMW R nineT produces 109 horsepower and 85.5 pound-feet of torque, and R nineT top speed is 127 mph.

The mill comes with a 180-out firing order and a central counter-balance shaft for even power pulses and smooth delivery. A single-plate dry clutch couples engine power to the helical-spline, six-speed transmission, and a shaft-type final drive carries power to the rear wheel for quiet, low-maintenance operation.

Beemer chucks on its lean-sensitive Dynamic Traction Control with a couple of Ride Modes plus the Ride Modes PRO that lets you tailor the power delivery to suit the conditions. The Select Package automatically added to the bikes in the U.S. market further adds a Dynamic Engine Brake Control that prevents rear-wheel skidding due to excessive backtorque on hard downshifts. Heated grips and cruise control round out the Select Package items.

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The BMW R nineT rocks the classic roadster look with a 'supremely clean' build that wastes not an ounce on the superfluous. Everything that remains contributes directly to performance and handling. A cut-down front fender leads the way with spoiler-type uprights that protect the inner fork tubes and their associated seals. The headlight housing comes in the traditional round design with powerful LED projectors for nighttime visibility and a DRL bar for improved daytime safety.

Dual round gauges pack an analog face for the speedo and tach, plus a pair of LED screens that act as interfaces for the ride-control electronics. The usual selection of idiot lights to wrap up the instrumentation.

There's a bit of pullback and rise in the handlebar and its clamp, so you can push off for a fairly comfortable upright riding position, while the footpegs put your heels below your butt to complete the rider's triangle. Stock, subframe-mount passenger footpegs join the pillion pad on the Black Storm Metallic model, but the other two colorways and the anniversary edition rock a café-like bullet-type rear fairing over the p-pad for more of that solo streetfighter look.

All the gear in the rear mounts to the short rear mudguard, but the taillight is something special. Added as standard equipment in 2019, it flashes when you hit the brake; the harder you brake, the faster it flashes, so hopefully the cager behind you interprets those signals correctly. I have my doubts about many if not most of them, if I'm honest. Still, there it is, and it may even save your skin one day.


82.9 in


34.8 in


48.8 in

Seat Height

31.7 in


58.5 in

Fuel Capacity

4.5 gal w/ 0.8 gal reserve

Curb Weight

487 lbs

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Tubular-steel members make up the main structure on the R nineT that relies heavily upon the drivetrain unit for its final strength. The rear subframe section is removable for one-up riding or to shed every ounce possible for race performance.

Inverted forks run with a 46 mm inner fork-tube diameter for strength and rigidity, while out back, the Motorrad Paralever system uses a central, coil-over shock for support and damping. The rear end comes with adjustable spring preload via a convenient handwheel and adjustable rebound damping as well. Suspension at both ends has a 4.7-inch stroke that'll soak up poor roads with aplomb. A single-sided swingarm articulates for the rear suspension and doubles as a housing for the shaft-type final drive.

Laced wheels round out the rolling chassis with more of that old-school panache. They roll in a 17-inch diameter, sportbike style, with a 120/70 hoop ahead of a 180/55 in race-rated rubber that'll take whatever you dish out.

Dual, 320 mm discs and four-bore calipers slow the front wheel, while out back, a 264 mm disc and twin-pot caliper take care of business. BMW chucks on its own Motorrad ABS Pro on to help you safely get the most out of the anchors.


Four-part frame concept with front frame and three-part rear frame, load-bearing engine-gearbox unit, rear-seat frame removable for one-up riding

Front Suspension/ Travel

46 mm Upside-down telescopic forks/ 4.7 in

Rear Suspension/ Travel

Cast aluminum single swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; central spring strut, spring preload fully adjustable by handwheel, adjustable rebound-stage damping/ 4.7 in




4.3 in

Front Wheel

3.50" x 17"

Rear Wheel

5.50" x 17"

Front Tire

120/70 ZR 17

Rear Tire

180/55 ZR 17

Front Brake

Dual 320 mm disc, 4-piston calipers

Rear Brake

264 mm disc, 2-piston floating caliper


BMW Motorrad ABS Pro

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The 2023 BMW R nineT starts at $15,945, plus a $1,000 surcharge for the Select Package automatically installed on all U.S. R nineT models. That's for the Black Storm Metallic colorway. You can also opt for the Option 719 Night Black Matte/Aluminum Matte or Option 719 Aluminum, and if you fancy a piece of rolling history, the Classic Chrome finish on the 100th-anniversary model.


Stability Control, Ride Modes


Black Storm Metallic, Opt719 Night Black Matte/Aluminum Matte, Opt719 Aluminum, Classic chrome



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The neo-classic looks of the R nineT find a kindred spirit in the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO model. As its devilishly-clever name suggests, the "Dark" spreads all over the Italian stallion with liberal blackout treatment that makes the same sort of custom-culture connection.

Like the café-ish R nineT, the scrambler family owes its genesis to the same sort of platform and around the same time for a bona fide pedigree all its own. UJM-like proportions are a constant across the board, as are the round headlights, chopped-down sheet metal, and the nice bench seat that rocks a faux tuck-and-roll texture.

Power comes from a 1,079 cc L-twin engine, and Ducati keeps things somewhat simpler by opting for good old-fashioned air cooling. It produces 86 ponies and 65 pounds o' grunt versus 109/85.5 respectively to fall significantly short in the power department.

Ducati doesn't skimp on the electronics. A robust suite supports the rider and even comes with a corner-sensitive component to sweeten the deal, though the package falls a tad short of the Beemer's brilliance. The 1100 Dark PRO comes only in the black-over-black colorway with polished aluminum tank inserts. It starts at $13,895 for a razor-thin edge at the checkout.

"Beemer builds a nice Roadster, and this is definitely one of the best. The electronics are from a little bit higher shelf than usual, but the front suspension could certainly do with some adjustable damping and preload. That said, overall it's a pretty plum ride. I'd definitely ride it."

My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says,

"Base model doesn't mean lesser. The R nineT is a well-put-together bike with front forks from the S1000RR. The rider position is comfortable, but the seat isn't so much. Handling is agile and responsive, and the engine updated for 2021 has more power and torque in the mid-range. The Select Package that comes on all U.S. bikes is a nice mix of higher electronics."

Base MSRP for the U.S. is $15,945, plus the $1,000 Select Package. The Select package included on bikes bound for the U.S. market brings higher electronics to the base model. It includes Dynamic Traction Control, Ride Modes Pro, Dynamic Engine Braking Control, adaptive headlight, and heated grips.

BMW claims the R nineT top speed is "over 124 MPH." Real-world figures set it at about 127 MPH.

With the 1,170 cc engine, the BMW R nineT produces 109 horsepower at 7,250 RPM and 85.5 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 RPM.

With a claimed average fuel consumption of 44 MPG, the R nineT has a range of about 180 miles.

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