May 31, 2023

The 27 Best Father's Day Gifts of 2023

I’ve rounded up some of the best Father's Day gifts for the men in your life based on things I would personally give. No matter what the guy in your life is into, there's something for them here.

I’ve included items to improve Dad's wardrobe, tools for the dad who loves to cook, items for the well traveled guy, and lots more. These gift ideas also work for uncles, brothers, grandpas, in-laws, family friends, cousins and any men in your life who deserve a thank you and a token of appreciation! The 27 best Father's Day gifts will brighten anyone's day.

A smash burger is a smash burger unless it's, well, smashed. This burger press makes it possible to enjoy his favorite kind of burger at home, and my husband wants one! The cast iron material is quite heavy, which creates crispy, cracked edges and a juicy center that will seriously upgrade your next family barbecue. To prevent sticking, place a piece of parchment paper over the burger ball before you smash!

The ultimate Father's Day gift has to be a new grill! I love this Kamado Joe charcoal grill and it provides that great smokey flavor to burgers and steaks. The multilevel design allows you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures, so he can grill vegetables on one and smoke chicken on the other. It can reach temperatures from 225 degrees F to 750 degrees F, and there are two side shelves to help with prep!

Grilled pizza is superior—and Dad can try out this innovative meal option with this special pizza stone. It goes straight on his grill to fully cook a pie and provides a smokey flavor that you can't get from an oven. But if he does want to opt for oven-cooked ‘za, this stone can work in there, too.

Who knew ice could be so personalized? These silicone ice cube molds can be personalized with his monogram to create a truly unique way to chill his favorite cocktails. The 2-inch cubes melt slowly, too, so they won't dilute his drink too much. Pair it with a bottle of his favorite whiskey and your gift is complete.

My husband has also been eyeing this portable griddle from Blackstone, which is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to cook at a campsite or beach or doesn't have the room for a full grill. It's only 22 inches long, but can still fit up to 12 burgers, and with 24,000 BTUs of heat, it cooks things fast. It could be one the best Father's Day gifts he never knew he needed.

Dad wants ketchup. And also mayo. And maybe a side of honey mustard. If this sounds familiar, he would love a rotating condiment caddy. The colorful caddy, from cookbook author Molly Baz's eye-catching collection with Crate & Barrel, will keep all of his favorite sauces organized and easy to access. It will look great on the kitchen counter or even on the kitchen table, and for a truly winning gift you can even stock it with his favorite sauces.

You can't go wrong with a margarita and making a great one at home is easy with the right tools. Bring a special flourish to the drink with Red Clay's Spicy Margarita salts. The blend of lime, salt, sugar, chili, and orange peel from Charleston based Red Clay makes any drink feel extra special. They add extra flavor with each sip. Just rub the glass rim with a lime and dip in the salt. The salts are also delicious on popcorn or fish tacos.

I also love these mustard yellow rocks glasses from Crate & Barrel to serve it in. The color is a little retro and looks great alongside a bowl of chips and salsa. You can use them for cocktails, a fancy iced coffee, or whisky on the rocks.

Buy the Red Clay Spicy Margarita Salt:

Buy the The Rocks Glass by Molly Baz:

Bombas socks have a cult following for a reason. They’re extremely comfortable, hold up after many wears and trips through the washing machine. But best yet, if one rips or gets lost, the company will replace it! Get him this set, which includes calf and ankle socks, and he’ll never go back to his mismatched socks and he can use them for everything from dressing up or working out. He’ll especially love that the brand will donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased, so your gift to Dad will give to others.

This is the IT water bottle of the moment and it will remind Dad to drink water while running around or driving long distances to school, work, or little league. The Stanley Quencher comes in lots of colors and fits conveniently in a car cup holder. Unlike most water bottles, it fits a full 40 ounces of water to keep him committed to staying hydrated. The insulated container also keeps drinks cold for nine hours. I bring mine with me everywhere.

Thank Dad for always making sure everyone is prepared with their passports with a personalized passport cover for his next big trip. It's one of the best Father's Day gifts for a traveler. You can customize it up to four characters and can choose from four colors of rustic leather. Plus, a new passport cover is a great excuse to plan the next family trip!

If Dad is committed to the grill, he needs a digital meat thermometer. I use this one and love that it gives you accurate temperature readings, and it's waterproof for easy cleanup. He can use it for barbecuing, deep frying, or roasting meats. This Father's Day will definitely have to involve a test drive of it for family dinner!

Even though he loves his chicken tenders and french fries, he can still enjoy a healthier version with the help of an air fryer. The GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer is my favorite air fryer, and I love air fryers (I’ve written two cookbooks about them!). It makes dinner (and reheating leftovers) so much easier because the digital screen reminds you to shake your food as it cooks. The basket has a divider so you can prepare two things at once and cleaning it is a snap. Air fryers make food so crispy, juicy, and delicious without all that oil. If you don't have one in your kitchen already, Dad (and the whole family) will be in for a treat.

Pair it with my cookbook Skinnytaste Air Fryer Dinners for the ultimate gift package! With 75 healthy recipes for easy weeknight meals, there's something for everyone to mix up your usual dinner routine

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Whether his signature dish is a pot of chili or spaghetti and meatballs, you can upgrade his current Dutch oven with the ultimate cooking gift from Staub. I love the Staub one because it's cast iron, which means it will last forever (he might even pass it down to the kids one day). It's easy to clean and comes in a ton of color options. At 5.5 quarts, this pot is the perfect size for cooking for a group and it's pretty enough to use as a serving dish at game day parties and holidays

For the dad who works remotely and has no plans to return to hard pants, there's nothing better than these cult favorite Lululemon ABC pants. The line is beloved for its comfort and modern look. They feel like sweatpants but looks polished enough for a Zoom call or out and about running errands. They come in a lot of colors, lengths, and sizes, and once he gets a pair, he’ll definitely want another. It might be the one of the best Father's Day gifts yet.

Dads have great taste in music—they introduce us to the oldies, start the party, and bring us to our first concerts. Get him a speaker to set the summer vibes. This one is waterproof so he can bring the tunes poolside. The battery life is 24 hours and the sound quality is fantastic. Plus, It's small enough to bring around with him to the the golf course, or the park.

A backyard pizza oven is a gift for the whole family and I love this one from Ooni. This portable pizza oven lets you cook pizzas in just 60 seconds and has a glass door so you can watch the pizza rise while it cooks. This model lets you even make wood fired pizza will bring a whole new meaning to pizza night. Try it with my Margherita Pizza!

For a more affordable option, I also recommend this pizza stone that can be used in a regular oven. It makes such a crispy crust—even with store bought dough. Just make sure you heat it up in the oven prior for the best results.

Buy the Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven:

Buy the California Pizza Stone Square Industrial Pizza Stone:

We love a dad who's committed to fitness and these adjustable weights are a must for any home gym. They don't take up a lot of space and he easily can switch from 5 to 25 pounds and everything in between. It's a total space saver and is easy to grab when he only has a few minutes to spare for a quick pump. He can even bring these on a road trip so he can get in a workout on the go.

This is a unique gift for the dad who loves the crackle of a fire and sipping a beer as the sun goes down. This stove is portable (it comes with a carrying case) and it's smokeless and easy to use, with a tray that makes ash cleanup easy. He can use it in the backyard, at a tailgate, or while camping, and it's a perfect gift if the whole family loves spending time outdoors. If you want to cook on the stove, the brand also sells grill accessories for all kinds of campfire meals. Dubbed one of the best Father's Day gifts, it will make Dad very popular at the campsite.

Vuori makes extremely comfortable athleisure and this polo shirt will keep Dad looking good, whether he's on the golf course or at a nice dinner. It has moisture wicking fabric to keep him cool and comes in three stylish colors. It's also super soft and easy to care for. This will be the first thing he reaches for when he doesn't know what to wear!

If Dad has ever slipped you a $20 on your way out, he deserves to be treated with a new wallet. This one has a special ID lock feature to keep his ID and cards secure. It also has a slim profile for easy pocket carrying. Tumi products are built to last and we know he’ll love this one!

Goodbye protein shakes. Hello, smoothie bowls. Eaten with a spoon and loaded with toppings, they make a typical smoothie extra special. Help Dad turn the kitchen into a nutrient filled juice shop with this smoothie bowl maker. I love this powerful Ninja that blends frozen fruit without a ton of liquid for that perfect smoothie bowl texture. And you can also use it for blender ice creams and even homemade nut butter. I really recommend this—and he can totally add protein powder for a super boost.

During a busy work day, having a packed lunch is essential. For packing leftovers, lunch, and meals on the go, I use this Thermos to keep my food warm for up to 9 hours and Tommy uses one for work. It's really perfect for any guy you know who eats on the run, and the included spoon means he won't be utensilless.

Even if he doesn't have space for a full grill, this Calphalon grill pan will do the trick for seared steak and burgers and is another favorite of mine. It gives your food an amazing grilled flavor without the hassle of cooking on (and cleaning!) your outdoor grill. It's great for the colder months and Dad will love being able to grill without bundling up.

My Echo Dot (and Alexa) has made my life so much easier—and it can help Dad out too! I use my Alexa to keep track of all my appointments, play music while I’m cooking or writing, and build my shopping list as the day goes on. This is one of the best Father's Day gifts for any guy who's trying to keep together a busy household and life.

Dad hats are classics for a reason. They look good on everyone while still looking stylish, and they even offer a bit of sun protection. This Champion one comes in lots of colors—so grab Dad a few and he’ll be set for lots of outdoor summer hangs and games.

A hangry dad is a dad that's not at his best. Make sure he always has a snack on hand with this beef jerky, made from American Wagyu beef. It's much healthier than what you’d find at the gas station, and he can store it in his desk drawer, the car, or a backpack for a hike or camping trip. Everyone is happier with snacks.

The dads that get it, get it. Get the ones who do these Adidas slides that are all over social media. They come in 21 colors and you can get pairs for the whole family to match, and they are the perfect thing for throwing on to quickly run errands or throw on before the gym. These slides are a classic and just like Dad, they never lose their cool.

Prices were accurate at time of publication.

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