Mar 06, 2023

SÜDPACK Showcases “Flow Pack Purepp” for Ground

Image courtesy of SÜDPACK

These convenient flow packs will be produced by Zwager Techniek at stand number 2608 on a REEPACK horizontal flow wrap line. The highlight: Flow Pack PurePP is particularly material-efficient and, being a monostructure solution, also recyclable. At the same time, it provides an appealing look and feel at the point of sale as well as a high degree of convenience for the consumer.

The Flow Pack PurePP films used to produce these practical pouches are true high-performance products. They are recyclable, polypropylene-based mono-materials that are equivalent to conventional composites in terms of strength. To ensure both an extended shelf life and an attractive presentation of sensitive foodstuffs at the POS, these transparent films are also available in a high-barrier version and additionally with an antifog effect. Consumers can therefore see at a glance whether the ground meat inside still looks fresh and appetizing.

Compared to conventional tray packaging, material savings of up to 60% can be achieved with Flow Pack PurePP – an important aspect in terms of both internal and external logistics costs along the entire value chain. Above all, however, this is a major advantage in terms of environmental accounting and responsible use of the available resources.

Another key factor is that this mono-material can be processed on horizontal and vertical flow pack lines with excellent results. Even at high cycle rates, efficient packaging is ensured thanks to secure sealing as well as a large processing window.

For an added bonus in terms of sustainability, the films can be printed using SÜDPACK's innovative SPQ (Sustainable Print Quality) printing technology. In this process, all designs are automatically and reliably represented using a standardized color palette during the pre-press stage – much like with offset or digital printing. This allows the number of color changes in the printing machine – as well as the associated ink, solvent, and film consumption – to be significantly reduced while simultaneously optimizing print quality.

The pouches will be produced live during EMPACK on the ReeFlow 200 T horizontal packaging machine, a latest-generation flow wrapper from the Italian manufacturer REEPACK. This compact, user-friendly model is ideal for use with modified atmosphere packaging for sensitive food products such as ground meat. It is characterized by low operating costs and improved OEE – making it the perfect choice for smaller businesses as well as companies looking to get into automated bagging. Maximum hygiene and easy maintenance are also ensured thanks to the stainless steel construction and cantilever frame.

The complete solution can be seen live in action at the Zwager Techniek stand at EMPACK.