Mar 30, 2023

PAC Machinery to Showcase Several Products at ProMat

PAC Machinery, a global leader in the flexible packaging industry, has announced that its top automatic bagging machines and the new sustainable packaging for these machines will be on display at ProMat this upcoming March. As the biggest manufacturing and supply chain event of 2023, ProMat will take place in Chicago, Illinois, from March 20-23.

PAC Machinery will showcase the Rollbag® R785, R1285, R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger and the Rollbag R3200XL along with sustainable bag options including a new curbside recyclable paper mailer, options from the Recylene® line of recycled poly Rollbags and other environmentally-friendly options.

The exhibit will allow attendees to see in-person the high performance and value of PAC's machines, showcasing features like the ability to smoothly print and apply labels and various size adjustment capabilities.

"ProMat will be another great show for PAC to showcase our wide range of Rollbag automatic baggers for poly mailing designed to save businesses time, money, and make packaging a smoother, more automated process," said Greg Berguig, PAC Machinery, Vice President. "Our systems come in a range of configurations, from tabletop to large floor-standing units with loads of customized options that can tailor a machine to a business's needs. It will also be a treat for attendees to see several of our environmentally-friendly bags running on our machines as that's really where packaging is heading as companies become more responsible in using packaging materials that are better for the environment."