Nov 12, 2023


LeafyPack by Plan It Packaging received the National Conference on Weights and Measures' NTEP Certificate of Conformance for its EliteWeigh multi-head weigher system.

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Following an assessment of the weighing system and its OIML-certified load cells, which are ideal for batching, filling, and controlling tasks, the NCWM awarded this certificate under its Accuracy Class III, a standard used for laboratory weighing of items ranging from cannabis to precious metals. All 15 load cells and buckets, including 14 primaries and one precision checker, have been certified using first-rate German-made load cells.

LeafyPack by Plan It Packaging's EliteWeigh multi-head weigher systems have been designed to validate the weight of products directly above the package before they are filled with food, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, cosmetics, and other items, ensuring accurate measurements and compliance to avoid under or overfilling products from reaching customers. LeafyPack's system provides accuracy with a tolerance of 0.05 g and the ability to weigh precisely to your desired weight. This remarkable technology is indispensable for automatically weighing your cannabis flower, supporting a speed range of 80-200 cycles per minute and a variety of packing options tailored to your requirements. In addition, the machine's computational capacity calculates and weighs products to ensure that they do not exceed the desired weight before final packaging. Moreover, the machine's seamless integration into bagging and container-filling systems provides flexibility for upgrading your existing multi-head weigher. The EliteWeigh multi-head weigher, along with its secondary precision checker, is constructed with food-grade stainless-steel frames, and tool-less removable buckets in both smooth and dimpled surfaces for a variety of products.